Friday, March 8, 2013

Franktown Loop

March 8, 2013

Here in Northern Nevada we've been blessed with some very warm, sunshine drenched days during this winter.  We also have a lot of places to ride your bicycle and this is a very nice training loop.

Between Carson City and Reno is the Washoe Valley.  This valley is on the map of the old T.V. show 'Bonanza' and recently the I580 Fwy was completed through the middle of the valley.  That leaves the old 395 and the roads along the edge of the valley pretty much traffic free.  To find this ride, get off and head for Bowers Mansion which is a state park with a huge parking lot.  From the parking lot, head south on old
395 to Franktown Rd.  This road curves around at the base of the Carson range of mountains and then rejoins old 395.  Here's a couple of pictures taken on this road:
I had stopped here as this is a fairly steep hill that will likely leave your heart pounding and your lungs gasping for air.  Beautiful scenery up here in the pine trees.  The road has a series of hills and downgrades, just enough to work you a bit.  Here's another view from a bit farther along the loop, this time looking up at the Carson range:

And then the road rejoins the old 395 and you head north back to Bowers Mansion with again great views of the Carson range:

I don't have a 'puter on the bike, but from what I hear the loop is about 10 miles from start to finish and is a great training ride with very little traffic.  Try it some bright, sunny day!

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