Monday, January 17, 2011

Still in the Sagebrush

Gosh, I got busy and time got away from me. It's been over a year since I posted anything to this blog. Been a busy year. Found (maybe refound) an old hobby called Archery. I grew up with a 45 lb. green stickbow in hand and actually managed to hit a few ground squirrels with it.

A young man living with us had brought his bow out to show me and that got me to thinking about those far off days. I'd gotten married and moved to SoCal. Pretty hard to find much of a place to shoot down there surrounded by the city. And so, the skills languished until this youngters bow was brought out. Woudln't you know it, before too long I managed to find an old PSE compound in really good shape at the pawn shop. A '92 PSE Carrol Marauder/Hunter, with sixty pound limbs and a 27 inch draw it pulls an actual wt. of 56 lbs. Came with a stab., 5 pin Nighthawk sights, Limbsilencer system---pretty much everything needed to hunt or target shoot.

It's been fun regaining the old skills. This compound is easier to shoot than the old stick bow. Within a couple of months I was hitting consistently at 40 yards. I even bought my son, CJ, an old Indian bow with a draw wt. of 25 lbs. He learns quick as well as he's hitting tight groups at 10 yards with that little Indian bow.

I'm turning 50 this year and one of my goals will be to go out hunting with that bow. I'd like to take down on the big Mulies that run around on the desert mountains behind my place. I want to take my son with me too, and if we don't see any deer, well, that's all right. Maybe we'll find some bunnies, or some scared stumps to put some arrows in.....down here in the Sagebrush.

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